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Our Products

SwissWide Holding AG is one of the few places where traditional and digital corporate finance is working in your best interest. SwissWide Holding AG specializes in structuring and issuing digital financial products with a Swiss ISIN number. Furthermore, our cutting-edge FinTech software solutions are giving you an opportunity to „offer“ your custom-made financial products to private or institutional investors via desktop or mobile apps. After using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for bond issuance, SwissWide Holding AG went further and applied the same technology for private equity. “” was the name of the platform where few issuers tested the quality of the equity issuance is completely digital experience. The final „diamond“ in our product portfolio is the ISSUIX.COM platform where traditional finance meets digitalization and decentralization. By using ISSUIX.COM all companies around the globe are able to structure multi-asset financial products within few seconds by using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Furthermore, ISSUIX.COM is offering a completely decentralized experience, meaning that you could run your custom-made financial offering into your website or your own mobile application. If you are willing to learn more about ISSUIX.COM please click on the following link:


ISSUIX is a Full-Cycle web and mobile application developed with the purpose of digitalization of the financial products and democratising the private markets. Platform is mostly covering Private Equiity and Private Debt Placement.


WIDE.SWISS is a web and mobile wealth tech solution offering clients to interect with welath management solution very easy through smart mobile application.
COMING SOON! is a web application solution developed as a digital full-cycle solution for structurization, issuance, investment, data room, certificate delivery and investment in fixed income debt financial products operating on DLT technology.