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Fundraising as a Service

We provide investors for your financial products...

SwissWide Holding AG

If your company is looking for an external capital, we at SwissWide provide you the services from financial product structuring, issuance and nally investor placement. Furthermore, if your financial products are already ready to hit the market please do Not hesitate to contact us. SwissWide Holding AG is specialized financial institution for fundraising services.

Arsenije Grgur
Arsenije Grgur

Financial Institutions

Yes we work as external sales force for nancial institutions. Only large banks and Financial MNC's can a ord large sales and onboarding teams. Usually, its very hard and expesive to build in house sales teams. Further di culty is to combine it with your marketing and compliance teams. For this reasons, we have our inhouse special trained sales employees who are selling nancial products for more than 10 years. SwissWide Holding AG with its employees could help you scale in assets under management where your company will be focused on Managing the assets and SwissWide will be focused on bringing more Assets to your portfolio each month.

Financial Products

So far we have been working mostly with traditional securities such as an Equity or Debt, but we are having experiances in marketing other securities such ETF's, AMC's, Crypto, Real Estate Funds and many more. One of our key strenghts is being able to bring clients closer to the complex Financial products and make them understand it which again leads to easier Investment possibilities.


We LOVE Start-Ups. Since our incorporations we have been huge Start-Ups supporters. Since 2018 we have raised more than CHF 10M for di ernet Start-Up projects, mosthly through Private Equity Financial Product placement. Our Start-Ups fundraising teams are always counting from 10-15 people on monthy basis.


SwissWide as a Full-Cycle nancial solution. SwissWide Holding AG provides you services in nancial product engineering, structuirng, issuance, ISIN number registration, digitalization, nancial product placement and fundraising and nally with client relationship management.

How we work?


In this initial phase we are looking after your needs and discussing potential Fundraising strategies.

Arsenije Grgur
Arsenije Grgur

Securitization, issuance and digitalization

Phase two is reserved for companies which doesn't have anncial products structred, Issued and perhaps digitalized. In this phase we are preparing nancial products for the market and cooperating with di erent partners in terms of second party opinion, rating underwriting , custiodian etc.


Marketing aspect is one of the very importnat sections of the fundraising process. Many years of the anncial market learned us that nd the right customres is very importnat. Our marketing activities are focesed on allmost all marketing aspects, from design to printed materials as well as one of the most importnat digital marketing activities.

Arsenije Grgur
Arsenije Grgur


Fundraising and sales phase is where all the magic happens, our team members are promoting your nancial products and creating your company nancial or operative cash ow depending on your business focus. SwissWide Holding AG protfolio is 80% focused on private investors and currently we are having about 15'000 active investors in our portfolio.

Client Relationship Management

50% of the work is acquireing the new client and other 50% of success rate is to keep him as the client in the company. This is why is very imporant to take client relationship management very seriosely. At SwissWide we are useing few client relationship management techniques to keep acquired clients with us or our nancial products.

Arsenije Grgur

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