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About SwissWide

SwissWide Holding AG is a FinTech company from Winterthur, Switzerland with business focus on Digital Finance.

Our services consist of three major fields:

  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Fundraising & Brokerage

SwissWide Holding AG is a pioneer in developing digital and decentralized financial products.

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SwissWide Holding AG team
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Our Services

Asset Management

SwissWide Holding AG finds the most profitable allocation for your assets, combining traditional and digital asset management.

  • Traditional asset management
  • Digital as-set management
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Real Estate
  • Life Insurance
  • Private Equity
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Corporate Finance

SwissWide Holding AG is one of the few places where traditional and digital corporate finance is working Together in your best interest.

  • Financial product structuring
  • ISIN number registration
  • Asset tokenization
  • Asset digitalization
  • Private debt structuring
  • Private Equity structuring
  • Custom financial products
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Fundraising & Brokerage

SwissWide Holding AG is having more than 10 000 private and institutional clients in the portfolio. If you are looking to marketplace your Financial product, SwissWide is the Best place for you.

  • Private/Public bond placement
  • Private Equity placement
  • Structured products placement
  • Crypto asset placement
  • Tokenized asset placement
  • Digital asset placement
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“Finding a specialized securities offering and IT platform and teir reliable experienced team, allowed me to raise money for my through a transparent easy to use system. M. The SwissWide management team listened my business and operation quickly when other could not. I’m grateful for their professionalism, expertise, futuristic technology and great service.”

“SwissWide Holding AG has played significant role in our Fundraising process. Their outstanding team helped us fund our machine production. as well as using ISSUIX FinTEch platform for our Bond structuring, issuance and management process.”